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Elsword's Latest Character, Ain, Is Now Live


Elsword's latest character, Ain, went live today and he brought with him an "unorthodox" sort of caster class. Rather than focus on keeping distance from his enemies, Ain excels at "summoning and projecting ethereal weapons from the God's Realm," effectively "controlling his opponent's position by restricting their options." His weapon of choice is a pendulum, which is quite unlike anything I've ever seen.


Ain is further separated from the rest of Elsword's characters with the ability to switch between two modes. They are described as follows.


        Cycle Mode allows Ain to access to his skills faster by lowering the cooldown and MP cost of all his skills. Additionally, it also endows Ain with the ability to repeatedly dash through the air, at lightning speed, and break out of enemy combos at half the cost.

        Creation Mode enhances all of Ain's combos and commands. This gives him the ability to deal immense damage by infusing his attacks with heavenly firepower.


You can find more information about Ain on the official website or see his abilities in action in the video embedded below.

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