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Snail Games Informs Details about Dark And Light's Character Creator


With Snail Games wanting us to think of Dark and Light as a survival game, one question I'm sure that we've all been asking is "but how much will I be able to customize my character?" Survival games are notorious at this point for offering few options during character customization or not allowing players to be female. Sometimes, dare I say it, both problems are prevalent in the same game.


Fear not, for Dark and Light will allow players to customize their characters quite a bit. They will be given the choice of being distinctly human or being a blue humanoid with elf-like pointy ears. It's all up to you, really. With the power to change the way your character's head, eyebrows, eyes, ears, face, nose, mouth, chin, hair, and build look, Snail Games is giving you quite a bit of control over the way your character looks.


Snail Games Game Producer Yan had the following to say about the announcement.

  We're aiming for a world in which no two characters look the same.


Players will also be able to choose one of six different types of "outerwear." Hooded robes, leather armor, and the type of "sturdy armor" a warrior would wear are three of the six options players will have.


You can read more about Dark and Light's character creator on the official website.

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Snail Games Informs Details about Dark And Light's Character Creator

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