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Gloria Victis' biggest Update Yet Brings New Character Models, More


Gloria Victis' long-awaited character model update is here. Not only are the free rpg games online's character models far more detailed than before, players can now make use of a more robust character creator, allowing them more control over the way their character's face looks, as well as giving them the ability to add tattoos and face paint.


The update also introduces a staggering seven redesigned settlements and additional structures that you can upgrade in locations that you own. Your location's main building now has to be a higher level than the structure you want to upgrade before you can upgrade said structure. Guardhouses and resource nodes now visibly change upon being upgraded.


Additionally, Christmas content was added as a part of the update. Dynamic, Christmas-themed quests that require you to deliver items are now available. Players have also been given one point for resetting their attributes as a Christmas gift.


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