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New Gigantic character Lets You Lock Down Enemy Power Circles


Gigantic's first new creature since the launch of Open Beta is here and it will undoubtedly change the way that the game is played. The new Obelisk creature isn't placed on your own power circles. No, instead, you place it on one of the opposing team's power circles and it keeps them from summoning a creature on that circle until it is destroyed. It can be summoned quickly and doesn't grant the opposing team power on death, but it will require you to manually collect orbs and it does take up one of the three creature slots in your loadout.


I'm rather interested in seeing how use of the Obelisk changes the way matches free online rpg games out. Teams will often storm through their opponents' territory after successfully killing the entire team during a particularly successful round of defense, taking out any creatures that they have summoned. I can easily see these situations followed by leaving Obelisks in the place of the creatures they take out. Alternatively, players may intentionally go after an opposing team's creatures one-by-one, replacing them with Obelisks as they go. There are a number of tactics that are made possible by the release of the Obelisk and I hope that future creature releases will continue change the way that mobile browser games approach each match, as well.


The Obelisk is now available in the in-game store for either 6000 Crowns or 450 Rubies. You can find more information on the official website.

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