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Project Genom's World Will Become 10 Times Larger In Early 2017


In the face of a lack of updates over a long period of time, potential legal trouble, and an ever-declining playerbase, Project Genom developer Neuronhaze has made a bold statement: Project Genom's world is set to become ten times larger in the first quarter of 2017. New quests and dungeons will be added alongside the expansion of the world and the existing world will be updated to match the new additions to the world. One has to wonder why the team isn't planning to introduce the new content piece by piece, rather than all at once, but I digress.

An update also went live recently, introducing the following changes and ending the update drought.

To begin with, we would like to announce that the f2p mmorpg on the Harbinger location are complete. We have updated the details and materials for all shops, passages, transport parkings, warehouses and other ship areas which are now waiting for the players. In the future, some small changes will be made to particular places like adding vending machines and signs, as well as you will be able to participate in the opening of the "Lame Moth" strip club.

The most complicated and extensive, the most important and critical part of the work is in progress. Very soon we will have the first closed beta testing of the new network architecture. In addition to increasing the network stability and eliminating lags, the new software part of the project is designed to eradicate all flaws of the old version, from the inconvenience of the radio using to the inability to throw the object out from the inventory. After successful testing, we will move on to the next stage, expanding the game possibilities and adding all the mechanics you can see in the official trailer.

Some serious improvements have also been made to the browser mmorpg 2016 quests. We've added some new interesting quests and reworked the existing ones. You will have more obvious and logical decisions, meaningful conversations, new unusual tasks, greater interactivity. We've tried to add up as many dynamics in the game as possible and remove useless running between NPCs wherever we could.


You can find more information about recent updates to and future plans for Project Genom in the Steam Community update.

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