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Team-Arena Game Heroes Evolved Debuts on Mobile


R2Games is releasing the fully fledged MOBA Heroes Evolved to both iOS and Android. The soft launch will begin late December, with expansion from European countries across the Atlantic starting early 2017. With the game hitting mobile browser games first, it makes a change to the early iOS releases from other developers.

In Heroes Evolved, players take direct control of a powerful hero character, unleashing skills and abilities in real time as they move through the battlefield, fighting for victory in a 5v5 online confrontation. both casual and ranked game modes are available, allowing for players of any skill level to jump in and start having fun right away.


Fans of the original game on PC will feel right at home, with familiar maps, heroes, and skills. The intensity and complexity of the game has been fully preserved, while making adjustments to better suit the game to smaller screens and touch controls. The UI has been completely redesigned and streamlined to position key battle information in plain sight, as well as creating a comfortable yet precise input method for pinpoint accurate movement and precise skillshots. Interested players can like Heroes Evolved on Facebook.

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