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The MMORPG game-Hero's Song Is Shutting Down


It must have been a grim Christmas over at Pixelmage Games. This morning their CEO, John Smedley, tweeted that development on the early access title had ceased.

The Hero's Song saga began early this year when the game appeared on Kickstarter on January 19, 2016 with a funding goal of $800,000. The Kickstarter page was removed when it became clear it had little chance of reaching its goal. The studio was able to find private funding due in no small part to John Smedley's previous experience in the MMORPG space through his role as President of Sony Online Entertainment  An IndieGoGo campaign raised $94,156 to help supplement the private funding.

Hero's Song promised to be a throw back to a more hardcore era of MMORPGs. The game boasted nostalgic pixel art, an isometric camera view, and perma death.

A Steam Early Access release launched on November 7, 2016 but everyone who purchased the game is entitled to a full refund as stated on the official notice posted on the Pixelmage Games website

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