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The 2D side-scrolling action MMORPG Dungeon Fighter Online's Next Character Is The Female Priest

A female priest will soon be traveling from left to right—and sometimes back to left—in the Korean version of Dungeon Fighter Online. She touts four styles in all, which you can see in the trailers below. Each one is as flamboyant as the next thanks to a full array of vivid skills; to be expected from Dungeon Fighter Online.

We don't know when exactly the female priest will release, which means we definitely don't know when it's coming Westward. But it will arrive eventually, thanks, in part, to the continuous popularity of DFO.

Dungeon Fighter Online Overview

Dungeon Fighter Online is a 2D side-scrolling action MMORPG that was inspired by classical arcade beat 'em ups. The game was originally available through Nexon in North America and Europe, but after shutting down in 2013, is being relaunched by Neople, the game's developer. Experience fast-paced, classic 'beat 'em up' action combined with MMORPG elements in Dungeon Fighter Online. Journey through the mystical realm of Arad on a quest to save the kingdom from the once docile monsters inhabiting it. Gameplay in Dungeon Fighter Online takes place in large, instanced "dungeons" outside of persistent towns. Players start as one of seven playable characters and can specialize into a subclass upon reaching Level 20.

To the Right, To the Right – experience the nostalgic feel of side-scrolling beat'em up gameplay with retro graphics inspired by Golden Axe and Double Dragon.

Instanced Dungeons – most of the gameplay takes place in instanced dungeons. However, towns are persistent.

Linear Progression via Dungeons – dungeons can be played through in various difficulties (much like Vindictus and Dragon Nest).

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