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New God of War Game(ARPG) is Making Huge Progress


Kratos is old now but he is never too old for this stuff.

Upcoming third-person action adventure title God of War is one of the titles that excites us the most. We are now almost OK with his beard and clumsy son.

Even though there is not much news about new God of War game since E3, there is progress. We know that the eighth installment in the God of War series, God of War, will be a sequel to 2010’s God of War III.

Instead of Greek mythology, this time we will dive into the Norse mythology. We will be playing as our beloved Kratos but time took its toll on us now. We have a son, a rather naive one. We are his mentor and protector and we obsessively want him to hunt a deer.

So, we knew that all for a long time now and I hear you asking what is the progress. Well, according to God of War director Cory Barlog, most of the shooting for the new God of War is complete.

The game is now playable from start to finish but that doesn’t mean you can play it now. I’m sure that you would rip the team to pieces if you are able to but we are patient and we believe in Kratos. “There is a whole game here”, says Barlog, “just finished first full play through with the leads. Very exciting milestone for us!”

A little remembrance for you. Enjoy!

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