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Trion Compensates ArcheAge(ARPG) Players For Service Outages


In the spirit of giving, Trion Worlds is giving back to those who have struggled to play ArcheAge throughout the launch of the 3.0: Revelation expansion. Everyone that logged in between December 10th at 7 AM PST and December 22nd at 7 AM PST will receive a Login Badge, 50 Merit Badges, and 50 Warrior's Medals. Patrons will receive an extra 15 days of Patron status. All items being handed out as compensation must be claimed by January 25th, 2017.

Additionally, you will receive one of the following mounts and sets of armor, depending on whether you play on a Legacy or Fresh Start server.

Legacy players will receive in their pack:

The Iron Eviscerator & Armor -- This vicious metal mount is revved up and ready to roll! This mount will be retired after this release, and will not be obtainable in any other manner other than this pack.

Fresh Start players will receive in their pack:

The White Reindeer Mount & Armor -- This majestic mount carries with it memories of snow, warm drinks, and cheer. Much like the Iron Eviscerator, this mount will be retired after this release, and will not be obtainable through any other manner other than this pack.

These exclusive items, which are being given out as compensation for launch issues, will never be available again, so be sure to claim them before they expire on January 25th. You can claim them by going here, logging into the Glyph account that you play ArcheAge with, and "purchasing" them for a total of zero credits top mmo games.

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