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Justice's First Female Character Unveiled, Beta Testing Schedule To Be Announced In Early 2017


NetEase, who you may know as the developer of our Most Anticipated MMORPG of 2016, Revelation Online, is currently developing a gorgeous new MMORPG known as "Treacherous Waters." At least that's what the original title translates to. According to 2p, the game's official English name is "Justice." 2p is also reporting that the game will be NetEase's last PC MMORPG, which I am feeling rather conflicted about.


Today, NetEase also revealed the game's first female character, pictured below. An article about the character on Chinese media site 17173 describes her as follows.


    Beauty called "interest red tears." With the traditional impression of beauty is different, the interest rate red tears can be said that the Chinese martial arts world rare queen attack. She dares to love and hate, the ex-boyfriend Qie Shao-off few times to save his life, but mercilessly refused to Qi Shishang compound request, and chose a real love of their own people.


Not much else has been announced about the game as of yet. 17173 is reporting that the game's Beta schedule will be announced in early 2017, but details about the game are few beyond a few screenshots showing off the graphics quality and various locales. Despite the announcement that the game now has an official English title, an English release has yet to be announced.

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