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Revelation Online RU's Open Beta Has Started


Revelation Online has finally taken flight in Russia with the beginning of the Russian Open Beta. The Open Beta is launching with seven servers, each of which can hold 8000 people at a time. It is noted that some servers may be overcrowded due to the fact that certain servers are more popular with guilds and individuals. If a server gets overcrowded, you may temporarily find yourself unable to create a character on that server or you may get kicked if you go AFK. There is, however, a feature that allows members of your guild to create a character on your guild's server even if character creation is disabled on that server at the time, but I am unsure of how that works.


If you want to check server status without loading up the game, you can head here. This page lets you know whether the server is online, how long of a queue there is, whether character creation is enabled, and whether the AFK kicking system is enabled. It's a fairly robust server status page and I'm surprised that Mail.ru went out of its way to provide players with an easy way to check the status of their server of choice.


Those who are interested—or simply can't wait until the NA/EU Open Beta date is announced—can download the game here. However, I am not sure if there is an IP block in place or not. ArcheAge is also published by Mail.ru in Russia and it ended up with an IP block shortly after launch. I would be sure to have a VPN ready in the event that it is, in fact, IP blocked.

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