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Deadbreed, new creepy-themed mmorpg games


About the game:

Title: Deadbreed

Status: Released Graphics: 3D

Genre: MOBA

Developer: Deadbreed AB

Publisher: Deadbreed AB

Explosive Features:


    Unique Breed Interactions.

    Distinct Art-style.

    Broad Hero Customization.


Deadbreed is a self proclaimed “creepy-themed” 3v3 MOBA with a heavy emphasis on hero customization through RPG-like mechanics. Equipped items are visible on the heroes that wear them and have a distinct effect on the heroes overall fighting style. Players may choose to wield a 2-handed staff and deal magical damage from afar, or take two 1-handed axes into battle for a more up close and personal approach. This flexibility allows players to take a fragile mage and turn them into a frontline bruiser who still posses the benefits of magic.


Three distinct factions exist in Deadbreed, including the Day, Night, and Half-Breeds. Maps in Deadbreed contain full day and night cycles which influence a breed’s abilities depending on what time of day it is.


Some hero abilities are fueled by one of three special resources which spawn in fixed locations around the map. These resources are relatively rare and players will need to fight over them in order to reach their heroes full potential. Some resources are even used to summon special creatures to fight for players, including a giant troll.


Deadbreed maps contain special dungeons which posses chests of gold guarded by the undead. Similar to a jungle, these areas are best suited for players looking to grab a bit of extra cash in between minion waves. Once players have pushed their way past the enemies defensive monoliths, they may break into their Crux where they will need to fight the enemies Sentinel, a monstrous creature which serves as the end-game boss battle needed to secure victory. There are several Sentinels which players can choose to pledge themselves too in order to permanently grow the Sentinels power, making it harder to take down in subsequent matches.

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