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Shards Online- creative MMORPG


Shards Online is an MMORPG where players design their own worlds with distinct rulesets, such as high-fantasy or steampunk, and share their creations with other players or play privately. Defeat monsters, PvP, craft world-specific items, and build a fully customizable home in the Shards Online multiverse.

Shards Online is a creative MMORPG where players design living worlds or join other player's creations. Players are able to create their own servers with unique rule-sets, stories, and themes, such as a world embedded in Greek mythology or one seeped in magic. A simple system lets players share their worlds or play privately, and hop from one sphere to the next. There are no levels to grind through in Shards Online. To improve your skills you must practice the particular ability to improve its efficiency; slash away at countless bandits to improve your proficiency with a blade, ultimately unlocking new skills. Following the distinction between shards, each world will have unique craftable items (such as duct-tape bombs on a steampunk server or platemail on a low-fantasy world). Players are able to build their own homes within the game world, with large areas of uncultivated land available for the taking.

Shards Online Key Features:

    World creation - design your own genre-specific MMO world with a unique ruleset, such as high-fantasy magic or fill it with grinding steampunk gears.

    Skill-based progression - increase skills by practicing a particular ability, improving your efficiency and unlocking new abilities as you advance.

    Crafting - craftable items alter depending on the world you're in, such as swords in a medieval sphere or duct-tape bombs in a steampunk world.

    Player Housing - cement your place in the world by constructing a home with fully customizable housing.

    Animal Taming - persuade a menagerie of animals to join you on your journey.

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