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Snail Games Unveils Dark And Light's MMORPG World Map


Snail Games has made a lot of promises in regards to Dark and Light new mmo games and one of those promises is a massive world. Today, we get a brief look at that world with the unveiling of the game's world map.

When players start the game, they will be dropped in one of three faction-controlled cities: the elf city Estel, the human city Vardo, or the dwarf enclave Zaharul. While they will be able to explore the world outside of these cities and create their own cities, upon death, they will respawn in one of these three cities.

The world between and around the three faction-controlled cities is split into several distinct biomes. There are "magic forests," snowy mountains, "active volcanic sites," and even "dark and ominous caves." There are a number of locales awaiting those who are willing to venture out to find them.

You can find more information about Dark and Light's world or simply get a look at screenshots of some of its biomes here.

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