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Guardians Of Ember Act 3 Is Here, NA Servers Suffer Slight Delay


In a surprise move, Insel Games announced on Christmas day that Guardians of Ember Act 3 has arrived. The release of Act 3, which is brought to us in the absence of any sort of holiday events, allows players to explore more than 10 new zones; take on more than 20 new dungeons, three of which are story dungeons; level up to level 40; and start working with the game's mining and crafting systems.

It is also noted that NA servers are still on the way, but they have suffered a slight delay. According to Insel Games, "it is unfortunately necessary to adjust some launcher and login processes right now over the holidays." It is unknown at this time whether the team will allow server transfers once the NA servers do launch or how items earned from buying into Early Access will be handled if they've already been claimed in a region outside of your own due to the previous lack of a server there.

PvP has also been adjusted slightly, but there are currently few details about said adjustments. They appear to be mostly balance-oriented.

Additionally, despite the lack of holiday events, all players have been sent "a little reindeer pet" that can be claimed between now and December 31st.

You can find more information here.

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