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GTarcade’s Christmas Carnival 2016


This Christmas, GTarcade games have come together to create the best Christmas Carnival ever for all GTarcade fans! Christmas is a time for giving, so this year we have prepared a 10-day long gift code giveaway event during the Christmas Season from Dec. 23th to Jan. 1st. These gift codes are valued at over $100! 

The giveaway will be hosted on the special GTarcade Christmas Theme Page, where all players can enter to win FREE STUFF! To participate in the giveaway, players should share the Christmas Theme Page to their social media first and then click “GET CODE”.

10 GTarcade games will be giving away amazing gifts EVERY DAY, including the following:

Legacy of Discord
Gold*1,300,000; Stamina*300; Obsidian*200; Ref. Stone*130; Augment Stone*73; Adv. Ele (75)*24; HP Potion*7; MP Potion*7;

League of Angels II
Gold*600,000; Stamina*200; Anima*20; Bless Stone*20; Bloodstone*20; Enchantment Stone*20; Engraving Stone*20; Mastery Stone*20; Refine Stone*20; Refresh Token*10; Soul Stone*20; Energy Card*5; Ritual Token*2;

League of Angels
Gold*2,000,000; Runestone*500; Soulstone*420; Stamina*200; Blessed Stone *150; Aegis Shard*100; Rose*99; Seraph's Stone*50; Angel Tears*10; Card Lotto Voucher*3; Ritual Token*2; Lvl.5 Common Gem Chest *2; Basic Energy Card (10) *1;

League of Angels-Fire Raiders
Gold*1,000,000; Diamonds*14,600; Potion*60;

Millennium Conquest
Metal*24,000; Crystal*24,000; Deuterium*24,000; Gold*24,000; Diamonds*400; Dr. Nefario*1; Astra*1; 

Stellar Striker
Gold*300,000; Advancement Obsidian*600; Vibe Rock*200; Small Stamina Potion*20; Wingman Shard Chest*20; Advanced Fighter Treasure*10; Epic Formula Chest*10; 4 Star Fighter Gift Pack*10; Fine Fighter Gear Chest*10; Simple Fighter Treasure*10; Core Chest*10; Dimension Chest*10

Spirit Guardian
Gold*100,000; Diamonds*2,500; Refining Stone*300; Celestial Beans*200; Artifact Essence*100; Guardian Leash*30; Dream Shard*30; Enchanting Scroll*30; Golden Chest*20; Growth Potion*15; Hime Shards*15; Silver Chest*10; Lords of War Legendary Hero Pack*1; Tempest World Legendary Hero Pack*1; Oriental Legend Legendary Hero Pack*1; Western Myth Legendary Hero Pack*1; Guild Token*10; Smoke Element LV7*1; Legendary Rune Gift Pack*1; Stamina Orb (S)*1; Legendary Weapon Pack*1; Black Tortoise*1;

銀兩*150,000; 元寶*3,000; 將魂1,400; 體力丹*30; 精力丹*30;特級經驗書*5

糧草*300,000; 銀兩*150,000;精鐵*70,000; 破天石*100;女媧石*50;拜帖*40; 金券*40; 皇叔的草鞋*6; 特級經驗書*5;金色寶物包*3; 初級兵書材料包*2;

銀兩*200,000; 銀兩*50, 000; 宝石*600; 體力*20;高級經驗書*15; 烈酒*10; 寵妃寶盒*10; 拜帖*8; 戰場印記*6; 聖旨*5; 紫色寶物包*2

Instructions will be provided each day from the GTarcade games daily giveaway post. For the latest info on additional Christmas Events, please stay tuned to the GTarcade Facebook fanpage and @GTarcade on Twitter!

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