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Las Vegas’ First ESports Arena Opens This Week

In an effort to appeal to millennials, Las Vegas is opening a 15,000-square-foot eSports arena. The arena — which no pictures exist of just yet — will feature all the standard amenities like areas for teams to warm up, large spectator screens, and an area for commentators. However, according to AP reporter Regina Garcia Cano, what will set it apart is a space filled with dozens of video game consoles.

The arena will open to the public on March 3rd, kicking things off with a Halo World Championship qualifier. Other events are already scheduled, such as a Madden 17 tournament later in the month.

As noted above, the whole thing is a ploy to attract millennials. It’s one of many changes Las Vegas and casinos have made in order to bring them in. Of course, they’re not dropping the gambling portion of things and Nevada bookies have already taken wagers on matches.

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