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Funcom “Relaunching” The Secret World In 1H 2017, Will Add Limited Free-to-Play Option

Well, this is a little surprising. Funcom just issued its financial report for Q4 2016, which included a look forward to 2017. While much of the focus is understandably on the recently early access-ed (don’t call it a launch!) Conan Exiles, there’s also an interesting bit of news regarding The Secret World — and plans for it to incorporate a free-to-play option.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing else in the financial report or its accompanying shiny presentation, which simply repeats the information on page 7. Does “story content” means just the main quest, since every quest in TSW has story elements to it? Or is it a little broader and include all questing, but not things like dungeons and PvP?

Hopefully, Funcom will be more forthcoming about just what “free story content” will be included in the near future. The relaunch is going to start in late March; by the wording in the reports, we’d guess it’ll be in phases, rather than all at once. There’s also info on Funcom’s other upcoming projects, including yet another Conan-based game and a new project “in the early concepting stage.” Take a look at the Investors Relations page for all the details.

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