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Next Hearthstone Expansion Is Journey to Un’Goro, Introduces Legendary Quests

Welcome to the jungle! Hearthstone‘s next expansion will be Journey to Un’Goro, as revealed in a promo video featuring Production Director Jason Chayes and Game Director Ben Brode. The new set adds 135 cards, including a new card type and new mechanic.

The new card type, the quest, is a legendary card that automatically goes into your hand at the start of the game and deploys on your hero like a secret (though both players can see it). If you fulfill its conditions, you claim a great reward. In the example from the video, it’s Amara, Warden of Hope, a five-cost 8/8 Taunt with “Battlecry: Set your hero’s Health to 40.” Not too shabby.

The new mechanic is Adapt, which functions a little like “Discover for minions.” The example in the video is of a five-cost 5/4 minion that, when played, lets you choose from one of three additional abilities (out of a possible pool of 10).

Other highlights the developers showed off include a shaman card that deals 15 damage for five mana, a mage legendary that keeps getting bigger every time it dies, and the addition of the elemental subtype to minions new and old.

Blizzard will show off more cards from the set starting on March 17. You can keep up with all the revelations on the expansion’s website. The set launches — and kicks off the Year of the Mammoth and all the changes that will come with that — in early April.

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