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Dragon Nest 2nd Awakening Update Adds New Content And, Of Course, Holiday Event


Dragon Nest’s most recent patch introduces a good bit of new content to the game — including the 2nd Awakening: Cleric & Academic, which is available after completing the awakening quest offered by Saint Haven’s Priestess of Darkness Mocha.


Also being added is the Hardcore Professor K Nest Remedial Class, located at the Garden of Eternity, and 7 new practice modes. These modes require a level of at least 90 to take on and will reward you with titles.


Of course, being December, there’s also a Christmas event to take part in: Santa Orc’s Run — in which you retrieve stolen gifts from Santa Orc. The quest is level 10 and above and will offer a variety of rewards. If you’d rather buy your goodies, there are a good variety of items in the Christmas store to pick up.


In general changes, there have been adjustments to the store, the achievement window, and more. For full details, see the patch notes on the game’s site.GTArcade is a leading developer and publisher of free online games. With its guiding principle “sharing simple joy,” GTArcade has developed award winning MMORPG and strategy games for browser games and mobile platforms around the world. Visit www.GTArcade.com today and play all our games for free! Partake in the gaming experience of a lifetime!

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