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Escape From Tarkov "Extended Alpha" To Begin "In A Few Days"


Other than the occasional addition to the slow bleed of information or a new set of screenshots, Battlestate Games has remained fairly quiet about Escape From Tarkov since the first Alpha began. However, we may get a large amount of information all at once very soon, as the "Extended Alpha" is set to begin in a few days alongside the end of the NDA that has been keeping everyone that is currently playing the game silent.


The Extended Alpha's key features are as follows.


        A new raid location, the Woods - wide open spaces, dense forest vegetation, entirely new tactics and game experience;

        Weapon failure and repair system;

        Ability to create groups for going into raids together;

        Improved game physics;

        Ceaseless work on performance optimization and troubleshooting of existing issues;

        Everything that has been done to this point in Alpha, including completely operational networking, trade, leveling, inventory management etc.;

        Absolute ABOLITION of the Alpha materials publication restrictions. Yes, from this point onwards you are free to stream, make videos and screenshots of the game and share them.


The Extended Alpha was originally announced on December 16th with a release date of "a few days" from the announcement. It has now been six days since then and users are starting to get a bit antsy, but a moderator on the official forums noted that "It should be out this year." Furthermore, the newsletter announcing the Extended Alpha just went out today, noting only that the Extended Alpha is "coming soon."


When the Extended Alpha goes live, access will be given to those that have bought the following pre-order packages in the following order.


        1st wave: "Prepare For Escape" - 25% of those who don’t have the access yet.

        2nd wave: "Prepare For Escape" - 25 more percents of those who don’t have the access yet.

        3rd wave: "Left Behind" - 25% of those who don’t have the access yet.


You can find more information about the upcoming Extended Alpha here.

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