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1 Point Day and Rare Items are Available on Points Store

What can I do with 1 G Point?

You can exchange it on Points Store for 200 Bless Stones, 200 Mastery stones or 20 Anima Packs, or you can have them all with 3 G Points paid!

Redeem Time: 07/11/2018 00:00 ~ 24:00 (EST)

Actually, you can claim 20 points easily by playing games on GTarcade desktop for an hour, which makes 200 Bless Stones, 200 Mastery stones and 20 Anima Packs almost free!

What’s 1 Point Day?

1 Point Day refers to 11th of every month when one or two valuable items carrying a price tag of “1 Point” which are exclusive benefits for GTarcade users. Stay with us and wait for more surprises!

As for loyal users, we also provide rare resources packs as rewards. It is the first time you can exchange for War Mammoth on Points Store and the rare Gargoyle is also available on the store. More than 1000 players have got it!

BTW, lollipops are also on sale in July, a pack of lollipops (worth 2000 points) only cost 500 G points, while a box of lollipop (worth 20000 points) cost 5000 G points. Lollipops are gifts that can be given to your favorite streamer when watching Live or playbacks on GTarcade desktop.

What’s G Point?
G Point is an exclusive currency launched by the GTarcade Desktop. You can exchange for resources or gift packs of our games (LoA, LoA II) and live streaming gifts in the Points Store. And you can also participate in our event (what event?  ) such as voting the team you support with 10 points consumed each time.

Know more about G Point: https://www.gtarcade.com/en/news/14967.html

Why play games on GTarcade Desktop? 
1.   Speed up your gaming process and save your time from daily tasks with Speed+(exclusive feature of the GTarcade Desktop)
2.    Exclusive in-game rewards 
3    Quick fix option for game issues
3.    Save your custom settings
4.    Connect with other players in the community
5.    Watch live streams

Download GTarcade Desktop to get ahead of others and enjoy incredible benefits.