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Marvel Heroes Tweaking Infinity Points In Next Update

rvel Heroes‘ “Biggest Update Ever” just got bigger. And, just like a superhero’s back story after years of exposition and retcons, it’s going to get a bit more complex and esoteric.

The Infinity System was the new means of endgame progression that was introduced in the BUE. Not everything went over well with players, however, leading Gazillion to implement changes to the system that will go live with the next major patch.

According to a post on the forums, the next update will remove the requirement that players spend their Infinity Points evenly across all Gem pages. Instead, the Gem Mastery system will encourage that kind of even distribution by handing out bonuses for meeting certain milestones on each page. Some specialty Gem nodes will also be reworked to make them more useful to a wider range of heroes.

To put it another way: “The new system didn’t work, so we’re adding another system on top of it.” Maybe that’s why massive, game-changing updates don’t always serve their purpose.

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