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SMITE Patch 4.3 Adding New Capture The Flag Adventure

As part of their goal to bring a new adventure mode to SMITE players every six weeks, the devs are bringing Capture the Flag to the game with Nike’s Valley of Victory. This is the first of many such adventures which are designed to offer players unique experiences for a limited time.

The map features two bases connected by caves. In these caves, player can find buffs that will offer them increases to Damage, Movement Speed and more. Players will have a limited number of gods to select from in this mode, notably Hercules, Ymir, Anubis, Artemis, or Loki.

In addition to the adventures themselves, each new one released will bring other content with it. With this one, players will gain access to the Adventures Vault and be able to purchase a Victory Bundle filled with a variety of items including boosters, emotes, and other goodies. The bundle will also contain 1 Gold Key with which to unlock more.

To find out more about the mode and see what other things are coming in patch 4.3, you can check out the notes on the official game site.

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