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TERA Players Can Now Reserve Their Paragon Name

In preparation for the arrival of its Paragon class, Tera is offering players the chance to snag their name ahead of time by holding a name reservation event all through the month of March.

The event is already under way, and will run through Tuesday April 4. Of course, players will want to get their name registered as soon as possible, as waiting will only give someone else a chance to claim the name before you.

In order to reserve the name, you’ll simply need to log in to TERA and go to the character selection screen to begin the name reservation process. Keep in mind the following rules:

    You can reserve one name per server—and you can’t change it after you make your choice, so choose wisely.
    As part of the event, you’ll receive a free character slot (if you’re not already at maximum). This will be awarded when the Paragon is released.
    If you are at your maximum for character slots (16), you can still reserve a name, but you won’t get the free slot. If you want to create a new character, you’ll have to free up a slot first.

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